Our Story

HIKUU [hy-koo], a play on the word for a traditional Japanese poem, reflects a design ethos that values simplicity, natural elements, and the beauty of imperfection.
HIKUU focuses on premium, authentically sourced matcha powder from Japan, that is thoughtfully packaged and designed in Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is to bring a moment of reprise and luxury to your daily routine and lifestyle.
At HIKUU we encourage you to slow down, appreciate the subtle beauty of life and live in the present moment.

Our Matcha

Our matcha is skilfully crafted in Japan by tea masters that specialise in cultivating only the highest quality leaves. Derived from tea leaves picked during the coveted first harvest or ichibancha, HIKUU matcha is ceremonial grade, ensuring the most premium matcha experience. Our matcha is defined by a unique sweetness with bright floral notes balanced with savoury umami, with its freshness reflected in its vibrant, bright green colour. HIKUU matcha is invigorating yet calming, leaving you with sustained energy and peace of mind.
HIKUU matcha is authentically sourced from Kagoshima, a coastal city situated in the southernmost prefecture of Japan's Kyushu Island, where bamboo forests meet the ocean and active volcanoes nourish the fertile land. The bountiful soil, longer daylight and warmer climate provide the perfect conditions to cultivate the world’s best matcha. The volcanic soil produces tea plants rich in antioxidants, and imparts a unique flavour profile on teas derived from their leaves. Kagoshima matcha is renowned for its sweetness compared to that of other regions, making for a highly approachable matcha, without any undesired bitterness.
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Our Founder

HIKUU was born out of the personal journey and passion of its founder, Jess Alizzi.
Growing up in a traditional Italian household, where espresso, was a staple at every meal, Jess developed an early affinity for coffee. However as she entered her 20's, amid escalating headaches and insomnia, Jess sought a coffee alternative that would provide that energy kick but without the highs and lows that come with espresso.
It was here that she discovered matcha, whose unique combination of natural chemicals derived from the hand-picked tea leaves provides sustained alertness, balanced with a soothing sense of calm. Jess also fell in love with the daily ritual of matcha tea preparation, which offered a brief moment of reflection and mindfulness in her otherwise busy life.
She quickly learned that not all matcha is made equally and from then on – embarked on a personal journey to find the world's best matcha. The journey saw Jess sample hundreds of matcha's sourced from across Japan, and culminated in an incredible trip to Japan to visit the farms that produced the very best of this selection. Here, Jess met with the producers and learned about their craft first-hand, informing her decision to source her ultimate matcha. Now, Jess wants to share this matcha with her audience and beyond, and this inspired the beginning of HIKUU.
Jess has adopted many roles over the last ten years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in both commerce and law, that she completed whilst working as a paralegal, a marketing intern and running her own personal style blog - the perfect combination, as it turned out, to establish a successful fashion and lifestyle content creation platform. Now a well-known fashion authority in the digital space, Jess views her social media channels as an honest curation of whatever she is coveting in that moment. Whether it be fashion, travel, or home decor – Jess still gets the same joy today that she did almost ten years ago – in sharing her life with her audience. After years of hard work, Jess cannot wait for you to finally be part of something that is truly hers.
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