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The Pouch | Ceremonial Grade Matcha 50g

The Pouch | Ceremonial Grade Matcha 50g

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Our matcha is skilfully crafted in Japan by tea masters that specialise in ensuring only the highest quality leaves are being used to create HIKUU matcha.
The freshness of our matcha accounts for its pure green tea taste and vibrant, bright green colour.


• Authentically sourced from Kagoshima, Japan

• Naturally sweet, no bitterness, with a soft, delicate flavour unique to Hikuu

• Flavour notes – floral, sweet, umami.

• Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO + No Added Sugar

• Crafted, designed + packaged in Australia

For best practice, we recommend refilling your reusable aluminium display tea jar.


50 gm (1.70 oz) black recyclable stand-up pouch.



• Scoop 1 tsp of HIKUU matcha into a fine mesh strainer over a tea bowl.

• Wet matcha with 15ml of water at 70°C.

• Whisk matcha using HIKUU Bamboo Whisk, applying a zigzag motion until a paste is formed.

• Add a further 60ml of hot water and whisk until a thick layer of froth forms on the top.

• Drink immediately as is or serve with steamed milk for matcha latte or cold milk and ice for iced matcha latte.
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